IDL Worldwide at viscom 2015 Dusseldorf

IDL Worldwide - Smartstore

The future takes place here - directly in the SmartStore.

Technical innovations, appealing design and a pleasant atmosphere have a lasting influence on the purchasing decision and can create a unique shopping experience for the consumer.

The SmartStore, installed at our German headquarters in Goslar, is a reflection of this ideal situation: it represents innovations that appeal to the human senses, it invites inspiration and interaction, and above all, it steadily reinvents itself with every new technical advancement.

Inside the IDL SmartStore, the most recent POS systems are regularly tested and presented. Interested clients can get information about the newest trends regarding the linking of online and offline channels (connected packaging) and can experience how consumer behavior can interactively control POS advertising on site.

A warm welcome to you. At the Point of Sale of tomorrow.

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