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Transforming purchases into media experiences

In the last 10 years, sales concepts and sales pitches have changed fundamentally. The Point of Sale(PoS) is the place with the greatest potential for brand creation and brand loyalty because this is where the customer has direct contact with the product and makes the final buying decision. It is therefore important to especially promote the image of brands here. It is all about experiences, emotion and authenticity and also finding clever ways to package the message: analogue and increasingly digital. – Torsten Daniel

This is where intelligent PoS solutions come into play: setting the brand skilfully into scene in the buying location can trigger the final decisive buying impulse and boost sales measurably. This is the point where modern, emotional purchasing environments must offer more and more to make the purchase easy and be more of an experience. The clever combination of modern technology, tried-and-tested advertising strategies and digital media are very much at the focus of this. Besides the purely sensuous product presence, modern methods have to be used to portray the product as exciting, desirable and worth buying. Through a targeted usage of Digital Signage – currently the most advanced form of PoS advertising – the brand communication wins greatly in expression, flexibility and creative potential.

Information at the right time

In future a hybrid form made up of digital assistance systems such as info screens and smartphone/tablet solutions together with traditional means will redefine the PoS space and appeal to the customer in a modern and targeted manner.
Whether it is a digital poster, instore TV or interactive kiosk terminal, Digital Signage presentation systems draw consumers’ attention with their centrally or decentrally controlled content and offer the possibility to provide customers with the right information and argumentation at the right time and the right place. One key advantage of Digital Signage is the ability to quickly and cheaply update the displayed content without any delay to react to the requirements of the day. Changes in price, product range or special offers can be implemented immediately and communicated much more effectively and cheaply than was possible with older, traditional media.
Bricks-and-mortar retailers face increasingly stiff competition from online vendors and have to rise to new challenges. Digital Signage solutions allow for a new, creative interpretation of the purchase experience and considerably increase the emotional factor of shopping for the customer.
For retailers, Digital Signage means an increase in the ambient factor: the shop atmosphere is enlivened and the customer’s perceived length of stay is reduced. When such effects occur, this increases the willingness to make further unplanned purchases, the overall purchasing satisfaction and the image of the retailer.

creativ verpacken

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